Jaegar stood in the road a moment, looking over the gate and what he could see beyond it. Not bad, he thought to himself. He approached the gates, ignoring the guards' warnings, and made his way inside.

The fields then, he decided and began walking toward the shrine to Obad-Hai. The sooner he got the information he needed, the sooner he could get started.

As Jaegar crossed town, however, he stopped when he heard a familiar voice. The same voice with that same silly accent. He grinned as he turned to see the woman bartering with one of the shopkeepers. That woman. She must be after the beastie too. He decided to continue on his way and let her continue her negotiations. There would certainly be plenty of time for catching up later.

Finally he came to the shrine. He thought about kicking the mud off of his boots, but then realized What's the point? It's Obad-Hai. So he went around the shrine and the many tents, listening for whatever the failed hunters had to say.