Thanks for the replies!

@Lyinginbedmon: I was thinking of doing expressions sooner or later, so I'll see what I can put together.

@Doihaveaname: The problem with transparency, gradients, blurs etc. is that they aren't used in OotS (at least I'm pretty sure that's the case: I might have to double check for transparency). I'm more a fan of solid colour myself - I tend not to use gradients myself even in my own non-OotS cartoons.

@Ego Slayer: I tend to use lots of different methods for choosing colours, but usually now I pick them from the swatches in the palette as I like comparing them all to the image currently on the screen. Occasionally I'll go into the Fill and Stroke window and craft something by hand though. For OotS I've been using the eyedropper on the comics as I haven't yet figured out if there's any rules on the colour palette. I've only really been studying Rich's style closely for the last week; using OotS fan art as a method for getting back into Inkscape again.