“Something the matter, mister?”
Arching an eyebrow, Vincent smiles and says, "The matter? Oh, certainly not. I merely happened to overhear your conversation about the hunt and was a might intrigued, as I too have come to this particular valley in search of the beast. As an accomplished practitioner of the Arcane, I felt I could potentially be a valuable asset to your troupe, however it would appear that young... Tom, was it? Has unfortunately beat me to that position." Inclining his head at the table and the men seated there, "I do wish you the best of luck, and hope that your hunt is as safe as it is successful. Perhaps we will meet again, though it would appear that other individuals might be more in need of my services."

Turning abruptly if not impolitely, Vincent scans the occupants and decides the most likely suspects would be the pair who just entered, and walks up to Besil and Geoffry, "Evening sirs. You have the look of adventurers about you, though I dare say not exactly the look of trained wizards. Would I be correct in that assumption?"