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    The Shopkeeper speaking to Marin

    He looks over the shiny things Marin presents before him, inspecting their quality and making a few mental judgements of the sort she's probably seen before, Are they stolen? Probably, she'll sell them cheap if they are, how likely is it I'll get caught for having them?

    After a while, he seems to come to the conclusion Marin was hoping for, "Well, the missus has been asking me to get her some jewelry.... How much are you asking for 'em?"



    Would enter the hospital-tent-shrine of Obad-hai to see a multitude of wounded men in various states of recovery. If he's looking for information, it's simply a matter of asking around. After a few of them, it becomes obvious that no-one wounded here has ever actually seen the beast. Rather, they've been ambushed by goblins and kobolds that've taken to ambushing hunters. Seems the beast isn't bothering the monstrous tribes of the valley at all!

    Also seems anyone who tangled with the Beast is dead now, except for Taen Kras of course. If he pays attention, Jaeger would also bare witness to the conversation between an increasingly agitated Taen Kras and...


    "I'll be fine in a couple of days, 'mate,' and catch it myself my next outing." His voice takes on an almost beastial growl near the end of that speech, after which he locks up for a moment, like all the excitement made one of his wounds start hurting something fierce.

    After a moment it passes, and his tone is notably softer, "No, you're a good man, you mean well... I can't tell you much, except it's the biggest, toughest, meanest thing you've ever hunted. Smarter than most men too, it'll smell out an ambush and come up behind you before you realize it.

    About your only chance is to get it out into open country, a meadow is your best bet around here, and just be better at killing than it is.

    Harrington's Inn

    "Right then Mister." The Eldest of the six nods to Vincent, letting him go off as easily as he came. He leaves with his inebriated brother, and the rest of their conversation drifts from bragging to stories about their hometown, Tom telling stories about the City and how exciting it is there, but nothing relevant to the hunt at hand.

    Marcus, paying attention to the whole of the room, can get the gist of the conversations between players going on, as well as an ongoing one between the large man and his shifty companion (Who are talking intentionally quietly to let their voices be drowned out in the general roar of the tavern) - but can't sift out the details.

    Before Green Bear can give substance to his idle thoughts of Raven Pot Pie, one of the wenches comes in out of the crowd, the demanded Ale firmly in hand. She lets down two flagons out of the four (!) she's carrying around the room just for this sort of occasion. One for Green Bear, one for Happy, a little watered down, but thanks to the Baron's generosity, the price is just right.
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