Mr. Rogan

The hunter scowls. This is going to be a tough one... Although he's confident he can track the creature, he doesn't like the idea of fighting it out in the open. Ambush, or at least surprise, is more his style. Maybe a trap of some sort to hold it still while he gets some shots in would be the way to go, or luring it into a dead end where he can fire from behind cover... Some distractions would be in order, regardless. A team of helpers would greatly increase his odds of taking the thing down- and coming out of this alive. Surely, he'd find some willing accomplices back at the lodge.

Thanks for your help. I'm going to try and get a posse together. You're welcome to join it when you're well again.

He gets up and goes to leave the healers' tent.

You were wrong about one thing though- I'm not a good man.

After leaving the tent, Rogan will go to the lodge and scope out potential allies.