"Ah! But where are my manners. I am Besil Gualdherp and this is my cousin and companion Geofrey, and, as I'm sure you have already surmised, we are have been lured here by the mystery of this beast. Now, who do I have the pleasure of talking to?"
Grinning and making a bow, Vincent intones, "Vincent Swiftfoot, Arcanist and Trapmaker, at your service. And while I may not look it, I'm not exactly new to the adventuring game. I can owe my appearance to an appreciation of the joys of adventuring from 50 or so feet behind big men with big swords." Giving a little shrug, he continues, "If you're interested, I'm up for sitting down with a drink and laying down a plan about the best way to catch this thing. The Gods know I can't do it alone."