Zelandros - Round 2


Raven - Round 2
If the raven still has LoS, he's going to craw again and remain where he is.
Else he's going to launch into the sky and circle Shirmishs general posititon.

Zelandros -
Move Action - Depends on the Raven
If he craws, I'm going to move to double move to R7
If he doesn't craw, I'm going to move to K6 and being casting Summon Undead 1.


Hp: 7
AC: 13, Tree Included
Position: -
Speed: 30
Creatures: Raven 2 rounds
Immediate Magic: None Used
Spells Prepared:
0th: Caltrops, Acid Splash x3
1st: Rapid Summon Undead 1x2, Rapid Summon Monster 1, Summon Undead 1