After a short time Lyanne drops back to Cyrick, trying to avoid drawing attention from the others as she does so, and pitching her voice to be heard only by him.

"You want to help these people," she says; her tone manages to make it a question while clearly implying she feels she knows the answer.

"This is how you can help them, by helping us, helping Torrent. One man won't put out these fires or drive off that army, but getting her to safety might. Do what you can do best and don't beat yourself up that you can't do everything."

If it seems like the gesture will help reinforce her words, she lightly squeezes his shoulder, a move not of comfort but of solidarity.

Rolls, if necessary, to see how she can read him / get through to him.

Sense Motive - (1d20+1)[18]
Diplomacy - (1d20+5)[16]

Whether she does/doesn't go for the Comforting Pat depends on whether it'd be the right or wrong move in Paradox's opinion and whether she can tell that based on the above.