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    Yes, you guys are probably getting pretty tired of comics, but being that I love drawing in the OotS art style, I figured I'd try my hand at it and give you something at least a little original. So I came up with this:

    NOTE: This thread is outdated. If you're looking for the new thread, look no further.

    What happens when the monsters you're supposed to be fighting band together and start hunting you down looking for vengeance? Well, I don't know, but a young Rogue named Lana is about to find out from a perspective she never thought she'd see in her life... or death.

    Updates Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


    Issue 58: Unbeknowenst to Him, But Knowenst to Us

    Issue 59: Bluff Checks Are Not Part of His Repetoire

    Issue 60: The Not-So Shocking Turn of Events


    Issue 1: Fortitude Save
    Issue 2: The Fairest of Them All
    Issue 3: Double D
    Issue 4: They're Answers Aren't They?
    Issue 5: She Became the Mascot
    Issue 6: Elven Negotiations
    Issue 7: Revenge is Best Served With a Side of Ranger
    Issue 8: Contractual Dispute
    Issue 9: He Had it Coming
    Issue 10: Answers At Last!
    Issue 11: Extra Crispy
    Issue 12: The Many Faces of Lana
    Issue 13: Fashion Statement
    Issue 14: Headshot
    Issue 15: Someone's Watching
    Issue 16: Dun dun DUNN!!!
    Issue 17: Who Ya' Gonna Call?
    Issue 18: Poor Planning
    Issue 19: But Really, What Kind of Haircut is That?
    Issue 20: She Didn't Break Any Skylights, Though
    Issue 21: The Plot Thickens... Like Pea Soup
    Issue 22: It Had to Happen Sooner or Later
    Issue 23: He's Bad!
    Issue 24: A Brand New Car?
    Issue 25: The Plan in Action
    Issue 26: Frat-Sense, Tingling
    Issue 27: I Don't Think Combat Reflexes Work Like That
    Issue 28: He Never Asked
    Issue 29: With Friends Like Them...
    Issue 30: Story Time
    Issue 31: She Got Burned... Literally
    Issue 32: Incoming!
    Issue 33: Epic
    Issue 34: Whaaaat?
    Issue 35: Ah, Love
    Issue 36: This Is Beginning To Feel Like Lost
    Issue 37: Cliffhanger
    Issue 38: The Roulette Tables Were Closed
    Issue 39: He's Really Got to Stop With All The Drama
    Issue 40: Tough Will Save
    Issue 41: Blood Flavored Coffee or Coffee Flavored Blood?
    Issue 42: Shattered Dreams
    Issue 43: It's Called Phasmophobia
    Issue 44: "I'm a Travel Agent!"
    Issue 45: Rejected!
    Issue 46: Curiosity Killed Us All
    Issue 47: The Rune That Goes "Ping!"
    Issue 48: It's Called The "Hilton Diet"
    Issue 49: Scroll With the Punches
    Issue 50: Flawless Timing
    Issue 51: Roaming Charges Apply
    Issue 52: Looks Like He Needs More Material
    Issue 53: Dutch Angle
    Issue 54: Morty Is Not a "Young-Man" Name
    Issue 55: Intelligent, But Not Clever
    Issue 56: Semantics
    Issue 57: Kaal's Wisdom Knows No Bounds
    Issue 58: Unbeknowenst to Him, But Knowenst to Us
    Issue 59: Bluff Checks Are Not Part of His Repetoire
    Issue 60: The Not-So Shocking Turn of Events

    Filler Comic 1: I Have My Reasons


    Keriss by Kurnour:

    Fancomic by the_Q:


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