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    Default Re: Arena Tournament, Round 22: Heleroen vs. Shadow

    Quote Originally Posted by Bronz View Post
    High Ref Bronz

    Woooooaaaaah pony, back up now!

    In post 12, Neftren took an illegal readied action. Your action was to shoot, not take a 5' step AND THEN shoot. You could ready for one or the other, but not take both in conjunction.

    We need to go back to that round. Heleroen's readied action was never triggered as LoE was never established. Redo that round's actions Neftren.

    Also, for both of you, please, please use stat blocks and please do NOT say "same readied action" as then we have to go back up and look up what that same readied action was.
    You can take a 5-foot step as part of your readied action, but only if you donít otherwise move any distance during the round.
    Whaddya mean by not having LoE? I'm on K14 and he clearly moves to L15. You're telling me that I don't have LoE?

    I took a Five Foot Step as part of the action on his round.

    It also really doesn't matter what he does. He's still wielding a bow. That'd be an improvised weapon. The only way for him to kill me would be to get a Nat 20 then Crit on it on his AoO for walking away.
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