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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Bending System and Bending Classes - Thread II

    Bending Overview

    Benders learn bending seeds at the rate shown on their respective class table and may choose them from any seeds on their bending list.

    Creating Forms: The bending arts are based around fully understanding the possibilities and applications of their respective elements . As such, creative use of the element is important to the application of the art. Using a single seed to make a form is often very useful or powerful in its own right, and can continue to be so at later level by advancing the seedís effects. However, in situations when two of the benderís known seeds are compatible with each other, they can be executed simultaneously or in conjunction with the benderís other abilities. Doing so uses the bending time of the longest seed and uses the seedsí combined Bending DCs +4. For example, a waterbender could combine her blast with some thrown Ice Shards, dealing her blast damage+2d4 (or more, if the Waterbending check allows for additional shards) as a standard action. The Waterbending DC for this would be 19 (5 for Blast, +10 for the Ice Shards, and +4 for combining them). Other combinations are possible, so be creative!

    The Bending Skill: Almost all of a benderís special abilities are determined by her modifier in the respective bending skill. This is a skill exclusive to each of the bending classes and its dependent skill is Wisdom. Having at least 5 ranks in Knowledge (Bending) grants a +2 synergy bonus to the bending skill, and vice versa. Note that due to the complicated motions dealing with bending an element, armor check penalties apply to the skill.

    Bending Range: The distance from which a bender can draw or extend any of her forms is 40 ft + 5 ft/level. Going further is possible, but every 5 feet beyond this range adds a +1 to the Bending DC of the seed. A form that begins within this Ďsafeí range but extends beyond it can fall short, and any element being used simply falls from the benderís control, acting naturally (water being absorbed into the ground, earth rolling downhill, etc.). If the formís DC reaches the benderís roll without completely finishing its course, it dissipates at that point and acts naturally.

    Using Forms: Executing a form provokes attacks of opportunity unless noted otherwise, and if the bender is damaged while executing a form, she must make a Concentration check against the damage done or lose the form. Bending forms cannot be used while pinned, but a bender can attempt to use a form while grappling by adding +10 to the Bending DC, and must make DC 20 Concentration check in order to successfully use the spell. For more uses of the Concentration skill in Bending, look here. A bender's hands must be free in order to use any bending form, unless noted otherwise; though weapons and items made from materials a bender can manipulate can be spontaneously converted to use in forms.

    Template Forms: Template forms can be applied to other bending forms (hereafter referred to as the "base form"), altering their characteristics and increasing a bender's versatility. Template forms increase the Bending DC of the base form

    Taking 10: Benders may choose to take 10 on any bending check, unless rushed or threatened. For the purposes of this, combat does not count as being rushed, though an opponent threatening a bender in combat does prevent her from taking 10 on bending checks.

    Contested Bending: If two benders are vying for control of a single mass of their element, they make opposed opposed bending checks as a move action. In order to gain control of the element, a bender must beat her opponent's bending check by 5 or more, though winning by 4 or less adds a +2 circumstance bonus to the next opposed check, until one gains uncontested control of the element. If a bender wishes to take control of an element already controlled by another bender (such as a waterbender's Water Whip seed or an earthbender's Armor seed) she takes -5 to the bending check.

    Bending on the Defensive: Bending while on the defensive does not provoke an attack of opportunity. It does, however, require a Concentration check (DC 15 + 2 for every 5 of the bending DC) to pull off. Failure means that you still successfully complete the form (provided you are able to make the Bendig DC), but provoke an attack of opportunity for doing so.

    Motion: Unless stated otherwise, all bending seeds have somatic components and are difficult to use with restricted mobility. A bender takes -10 to the bending check to do a form while prone.

    Saves: Any saves in response to a bending form has a DC 10 + half the benderís class level + the benderís Wisdom modifier.

    Bending Blasts and Iterative Attacks: All benders have the ability to project bending Blasts as a basic ranged attack. Descriptions of the various Blast abilities can be found in the individual class write-ups. In general, a bender can make a number of Blast attacks per round equal to the number of iterative attacks she can make, as determined by her Bast Attack Bonus. As a general rule, benders cannot increase the number of Blast attacks they can make by taking feats or gaining class abilities. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. A Firebender's Firestorm ability allows him to make a single additional Fire Blast attack as part of a full round attack. Additionally, a bender can take the Rapid Shot feat, increasing the number of Blast attacks she can make in a full round attack. A Firebender with both Firestorm and Rapid Shot can make two extra Fire Blast attacks in a full round attack.

    Fatigue: A fatigued bender takes a -4 to all bending checks, in addition to the other effects of fatigue, and an exhausted bender takes an addition -4 to all checks, for a total of -8.

    Overbending: Upon failing a bending check, a bender has a choice to go ahead and do the action for which she rolled anyway. This is known as overbending and can range from strenuous to lethal, depending on the scope of what the bender is trying to do, as shown on the table below. All effects stack, except for the various levels of Constitution damage, though the Constitution drain does apply at the same time

    {table=head]Failed By|

    6-9|1d4 Con damage
    10-14|2d4 Con damage
    15-19|3d4 Con damage, Exhaustion
    20-24|4d4 Con damage
    25-29|Unconsciousness1, 1 point Con drain
    1 A bender rendered unconscious in this manner makes a DC 20 Will save to wake up after four hours, and every hour thereafter, with the save DC decreasing by -2 at each attempt. After eight hours, the bender automatically wakes up, but is still Exhausted. It takes additional rest to remove this condition.

    Quickened Bending: Powerful benders learn techniques intended to improve their economy of motion and allow them to bend more quickly. By increasing the Bending skill DC of a seed by +10, a bender can perform a seed that normally requires a full-round action as a standard action. By increasing the Bending skill DC of a seed by +20, a bender can perform a seed that normally requires a standard action as a move action. Unless otherwise stated in the seed's description, no seed can be performed as a swift, free, or immediate action. If you attempt to quicken a bending seed but fail to meet the necessary DC, you fail to execute the seed as normal, though you can attempt to execute the seed a second time with any remaining actions.

    Finally, to facilitate discussion and access to information, here's a table that lists typical bending skill modifiers for benders at different levels.

    {table=head]Level|MBM1, 14 Wis|Roll, 14 Wis||MBM, 16 Wis|Roll, 16 Wis||MBM, 18 Wis|Roll, 18 Wis
    1|+9 (4+SF+Wis)|19||+10|20||+11|21
    2|+12 (Synergy)|22||+13|23||+14|24
    8|+19 (16 Wis)|29||+20|30||+21|31
    16|+28 (18 Wis)|38||+29|39||+30|40
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