Don't worry Salmon, Failing Saves is still a great piece of work. It's probably the chief piece of inspiration that I used for my own comic (next to OotS, obviously). I'm not trying to compete with you for greatness or anything. I'm just having fun.

First things first, that's not Miko. I like to think this takes place in a different world than OotS, although I haven't really made up my mind for that yet, so we'll see. She just looks similar because I borrowed her hair from my attempt at drawing a Miko-like character, so there you go.

Secondly, the "good guys" do kinda look similar to the OotS characters, but that's because they were my earlier drawings, when I was still basing them directly off the characters. Now I'm trying to be a bit more original with my creations.

Anyway, I took some advice from you guys and made some signature banners. I had a few ideas, so I decided to just make them all!

Comic #6 is almost ready to release too. I should have it up sometime later today.