Most forms and seeds have this covered, but there is a handful that don't have a bending time listed.

also, I repost my suggested armour penalties here:

Armour that normally incurs a spell failure chance now incurs a possible extra penalty to bending seeds with complex somatic components. After making a bending check with the normal armour check penalty, roll a percentile as you would for spell failure. If that roll fails, then add the armour check penalty to the DC a second time. If a bending check is failed in this way, it cannot be completed as per rules for over bending, because the bender simply can't complete the necessary motions for that seed or form.

this rule, among others, also requires certain seeds to verify the extent of the somatic component. the lightning seed is pretty specific, but I don't see much info on the movements required for other seeds. Perhaps the complexity of motion could be inherent in a certain DC level, and the armour penalty could incur a maximum DC limit, and benders wearing certain armour simply couldn't exceed that limit, even when overbending?