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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Bending System and Bending Classes - Thread II

    That sounds good, but I still think armour should prevent someone from finishing a form anyway through overbending. Maybe make overbending impossible in armour in which a bender is not proficient?
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    input for immobilization:

    water's easy enough, I don't know if anyone's pointed out the DC 22 strength check against the Freeze spell from the Spell Compendium

    As for earth, there are a handful of spells that could provide guidelines for that sort of DC. Earth lock has a 25 strength check to break open a tunnel that has been constricted with the spell. Or, the the Strength check could be equal to the base DC of the form, instead of the earthbending check itself, perhaps with the ever popular + X per every X points that the earthbender beat the DC, though I think the base DC is enough to keep those forms useful without making them overpowered. In the mean time, I'll keep looking for spells with similar effects
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    Marten, make a wiggle check

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