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So, uh, anyone seen the latest episode? I kinda feel like it could imply an alignment based source of bending ability, but I'm not sure how it would work, because it isn't alignment alone. Firebending master (and any other episode) can be viewed here (for research, of course )
Well damn. Yeah... but at the same time, like so much of our happy little system, I think it comes down to the creativity of the players, the imagination and interpretation of the rules by the DM, and simple role-playing to be able to make things like the Firebending Masters work.

I've spoilered my opinions and thoughts below.
If rage and destructive influences are what power firebenders, then it stands to reason there must be many different schools of thought for each bending discipline. Look at the Foggy Swamp Style versus Northern Style or Southern Style Waterbending for examples. Fire Nation style is a more destructive, angry style while Sun Warrior style is a more pure and balanced form, learned from the dragons themselves. If Zuko were a PC, then he lost his firebending due to his change of focus, his loss of the principles of his style and going to the Sun Warriors showed him a new way to focus his style and to teach Aang that firebending isn't evil. I think good role-playing comes more into play here then game mechanics, but it may be something that should be written up as a side bar or something.