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    Default Re: Arena Tournament, Round 14: Grek Thur vs. Bloatsack the Vile

    Bloatsack the Vile round 5:

    I have no idea how much cover you get but Bloatsack the Vile again attempts to snipe you!

    Heavy Crossbow Attack! (1d20+10)[26] /\ If it threatens (1d20+10)[27]
    If it hits (1d10+2)[7] /\ If it crits (1d10+2)[8]

    The attack has +2 added in because you can't see me (I think. Otherwise ignore that.)

    Edit: DC8 + distance for the spot check. It might not matter though...

    For Refs:
    Bloatsack uses a free action to drop his cutlass before firing and then snipes Grek Thur.

    Hide (1d20-7)[8]

    He remains in T26

    Stats(for refs):

    Vital Statistics:
    HP: 10
    AC: 17, Touch: 15, FF: 12
    Saves: Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +0
    Current Location: T26
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