Hmm. Interesting issues.

Editing and Grammar:
Inevitably when a project has this many contributors, problems with word choice and grammar will arise. I welcome any editing assistance you can give. Post edits in the PDF editing thread (maybe note at the top of your post that youíre editing content from the bending thread, not the PDF). The PDF editing thread should be in the main hub. Thanks a lot for the help.

Prestidigitation for Airbenders:
There is supposed to be one. Maybe it didnít get transferred well. Iíll look into it and make the change. Good catch.

Bending Time:
Unless specifically stated in the form, all bending forms are Standard actions. The Bending Overview goes into this issue.

Base Deflection Bonus:
This project recommends using the Defense Points variant from the SRD. The defense bonuses listed on the tables in the PDF and the Avatar d20 website are the values from that variant. I hope that clarifies.

Non-Bending Classes:
One goal of the project is to craft bending classes that are balanced with core classes (rogue, fighter, barbarian, etc). At itís most basic, the setting uses these already-existing classes to represent non-benders. As Ceiling009 said, there are a few sets of variant non-bending classes that you can find through the main hub thread (see link in the first post of this thread). Also, check out the Avatar d20 website or the iconic character builds thread (again, through the main hub) for examples of how core base classes can be used to represent major characters from the show.

Armor Proficiency and ACP:
I think we need to remember that bending is not spellcasting, no matter how similar many of their effects may be. Bending doesnít require fine manipulation and precise hand gestures; rather it uses motions similar to unarmed combat. I donít see any reason why armor needs to hinder bending more than it does any other skill. However, if the consensus is that armor should hinder bending, I support ErrantXís compromise wherein the ACP is doubled for Bending checks and feats can be used to reduce or eliminate this penalty.

I also support leaving armor proficiencies as they are. We can argue back and forth about what kind of armor different characters in the show wear, but ultimately, being allowed to wear medium isnít that overpowering, especially since the use of the Defense Bonus variant discourages wearing armor anyway. Itís true that the crafting system eliminates the disincentive to wear armor somewhat, but the system still deemphasizes armor use. I wouldnít necessarily oppose eliminating medium armor for Earthbenders and Firebenders if thatís the consensus, but itís clear that benders wear armor.

I also donít quite get why armor should prevent overbending. Can you post an example from the show where this is the case?

I support the ď10 plus half class level plus wisdom modifierĒ solution presented both here and in the first bending thread. It allows for more reasonable (but still difficult) DCís and scaling, and seems to have a broad base of support among contributors.

Ice Shards:
The Ice Shards seed has been a bone of contention before, and apparently all issues arenít resolved. What about something like this:

Ice Shards
Base DC: 10

ē Weapon: By molding a relatively small quantity of water into her hands, a waterbender may craft any ordinarily wooden or metal melee weapon or ammunition she is familiar with (not necessarily proficient with) out of ice as a full-round action. Any weapon made with this seed deals normal damage for its weapon type, plus 1d4 cold damage; and one use of this seed creates 10 pieces of ammunition at a time. The base DC is for a light weapon; making a one-handed weapon increases the Waterbending DC by +2, and a two-handed weapon increases the DC by +4. If the Waterbending check exceeds the DC by 5 or more, the weapon is also of masterwork quality. If the weapon ever leaves the waterbenderís possession, it begins to melt as normal. Thrown weapons and ammunition can be used as normal.
ē Ranged: By freezing water into a number of small, smooth, thin shards, a waterbender can strike at long range. This seed creates 2 shards, each of which deals 1d6 damage that affect all creatures in a line (distance equal to the waterbenderís bending range). Half of this damage is piercing and half is cold. Creatures within the area of this effect can make a Reflex save for half damage. Launching additional shards adds +4 to the Waterbending DC per shard.
ē Spikes: Ice is a powerful weapon for a waterbender, and anyone standing on an icy surface stands on the waterbenderís turf. The bender may fill one five-foot square with protruding spikes as a standard action, dealing 1d4 piercing and 1d4 cold damage per round to anyone standing or passing through the square, counting as rough terrain. Furthermore, anyone that falls prone in a spiked square takes an additional 1d6 piercing damage. Having this form affect an additional five-foot square adds +4 to the Waterbending DC per square.

Finally, I havenít seen the newest episode yet. Iíll try to watch it this evening and post more comments later.