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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Bending System and Bending Classes - Thread II

    For simplicity's sake I'm reposting the Bending Study feats that I made, so we can discuss this again and try to get the ball moving.

    Waterbending Study
    By studying the arts of the ebb and flow of the tides like a waterbender, a bender may use those principles in bending their own element.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge (Bending) 9 ranks.
    Benefit: Depending on one's bending class, this feat grants the following:
    Earth- The earthbender learns that water may carve canyons and may apply this technique to his earthbending. The earthbender may add his Wisdom modifier to rolls to overcome another bender's Deflect Bending attempts.
    Air- By studying the effects of pressure on water, an airbender may learn to better focus his energies with pressurized air. The airbender may now make an air blast attack as if he were a waterbender of equal level. The damage from this attack is non-lethal. If the airbender possesses the Air Scythe seed, he may now do lethal damage with that attack, regardless of whether or not he has a staff.
    Fire- Redirect Lightning (Base DC 35): A technique adopted from the waterbenders’ philosophy and art of using an enemy’s power against him, this seed is generally used to defend against one of the firebenders’ most deadly abilities. A firebender can use a Deflect Bending action to redirect any lightning bolts (natural or otherwise) passing within 5 feet of the firebender. Because the bender is essentially letting the lightning hit him, this seed does not require an attack roll, as opposed to Deflect Bending.
    The firebender must make a DC 15 Concentration check to ensure that the lightning doesn’t pass through his heart as he channels it to his other hand. Failure indicates that the firebender takes the appropriate damage for the lightning, and he fails to redirect it. On a successful check, the firebender channels the lightning to the other side of his body, redirecting it as he desires.

    Airbending Study
    The flows of the wind may influence all elements, and an astute bender may learn power by understanding this.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge (Bending) 9 ranks.
    Benefit: Depending on one's bending class, this feat grants the following:
    Earth- Air flows around all obstacles, and the earthbender who learns this understands a new way to mold his stubborn element. By breaking down his earth blast into dozens of pebbles, he may negate a foe's cover. Reduce a foe's cover bonus by one step (full to partial, partial to none), but reduce the earth blast by 1d6 due to the loss of solid mass.
    Water- Air currents mass and swell around an airbender, aiding their movements. The insightful waterbender learns that while air exists around the body, water exists inside of it. With this understanding, the waterbender may use his water to aid his equilibrium, gaining his Wisdom modifier as a circumstance bonus to Balance and Tumble checks.
    Fire- With similiarly insubstantial elements, the firebender learns ways to manipulate his flame to increase it's defensive capabilities, as befits an airbender. By learning to channel his flame's currents through the air around him, he makes a better defense for himself. The firebender's penalty to Deflect Bending is reduced to +0.

    Firebending Study
    The breath of the dragon is the power of the firebender, and by learning this principle a bender may find that the breath can bring strength to his own element.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge (Bending) 9 ranks.
    Benefit: Depending on one's bending class, this feat grants the following:
    Air- Breath is the airbender's territory, for it is the element itself that they bend. By manipulating air currents, the bender may reduce some of the sting of a firebender's breath. So long as the airbender is aware of the incoming fire and he is taking a defensive action, he gains a Fire Resistance equal to his Wisdom modifier.
    Water- The natural antithesis of fire, the waterbender learns that strength of fire lies in its intensity. With this knowledge, the waterbender may increase the force of his water blast by adding his Wisdom modifier to the damage.
    Earth- For the earthbender, the ways of fire may teach a lesson of haste and passion. The earthbender may increase the speed of his earth blasts by reducing the size and power of the blast. When making a full attack action, the earthbender receives an extra attack at his highest attack bonus. The damage of the blasts are reduced by 1d6 and all attacks receive a -2 penalty.

    Earthbending Study
    Hard and unyielding, the earthbender's element is as resilient as he is. A truly perceptive bender glean an epiphany with his own element by understanding this.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge (Bending) 9 ranks.
    Benefit: Depending on one's bending class, this feat grants the following:
    Air- The resolute and unyielding earth defies the changing winds, and the airbender that learns this, learns that his element too may be unyielding it's strength. The airbender may now oppose bull rush attempts by utilizing his airbending, using an airbending skill check instead of the normal bull rush resistance roll.
    Water- Water may carve canyons into the earth, but the hardest earth directs where this water flows. By learning how to form harder ice, the waterbender learns to be unyielding. The waterbender may add his Wisdom modifier to the hardness of his ice and twice his Wisdom modifier to the ice's hit points, and he may increase the break DC on immobilizing ice constructs by +2.
    Fire- To a student of fire who studies and masters the ways of earth, no wall is too high. By burning and melting handholds into surfaces, a firebender may climb swiftly. The firebender gains a climb speed of 10 plus five for every five firebender levels he possesses. The surface that the firebender is climbing must be of a substance he can either combust (such as wood) or melt (such as metal or stone).

    Well, here they again. As we have some new blood these days posting too, I'd love to see what they have to say or add to this. PEACH!

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