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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Bending System and Bending Classes - Thread II

    Quote Originally Posted by Mephibosheth View Post
    First, I still canít find any examples from the show that support giving waterbenders a swim speed. I hereby recommend removing the Water Walk seed and the waterbenderís swim speed and giving waterbenders a Ski/Water Walk ability as part of their class, increasing the speed as usual. However, if someone can post a screenshot or point me to an episode wherein a waterbender swims with the ease that a swim speed implies, Iíll definitely reconsider.
    The first episode in Fire, The Awakening. When Aang goes off on his own in a rather aangsty fashion, he bypasses a fire navy blockade by swimming, and I'm pretty sure he'd have to use waterbending to go the speed he did. I can't find a screen shot, but the episode is here

    Also, Bumi definitely moves through earth like it's water after his fight with Aang.

    Also also, a feat that was probably forgotten on the first thread:

    prerequisites:Con 12, 4 ranks in knowledge (bending), Firebender 1st level
    Your breath control allows you to add your constitution modifier to damage rolls for any damage dealing fire seed.

    Too much for a first level feat? I think it would be balanced out by the choice between increasing constitution for more damage or increasing wisdom for better bending checks, and would be good for Zuko-like multiclassing. He's clearly got a punch behind his fire, but doesn't know quite so many seeds and forms as a more optimized firebender like his uncle or sister.
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