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The first episode in Fire, The Awakening. When Aang goes off on his own in a rather aangsty fashion, he bypasses a fire navy blockade by swimming, and I'm pretty sure he'd have to use waterbending to go the speed he did. I can't find a screen shot, but the episode is here
I don't know if I'd equate that with the waterbender's Swim ability. To me, it seems like he used the momentum he built up while flying combined with (perhaps) the use of the Propel seed. While I'll grant that he definitely moved faster through the water than a normal person could, I don't think it justifies a class ability. Again, if the consensus is to keep the Swim ability, I'll gladly go along with the group, but I just don't see the show justifying it.

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Also, Bumi definitely moves through earth like it's water after his fight with Aang.
We already have a seed that mimics that ability. It's a part of the Earthen Stride earthbending seed.

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Also also, a feat that was probably forgotten on the first thread:

prerequisites:Con 12, 4 ranks in knowledge (bending), Firebender 1st level
Your breath control allows you to add your constitution modifier to damage rolls for any damage dealing fire seed.

Too much for a first level feat? I think it would be balanced out by the choice between increasing constitution for more damage or increasing wisdom for better bending checks, and would be good for Zuko-like multiclassing. He's clearly got a punch behind his fire, but doesn't know quite so many seeds and forms as a more optimized firebender like his uncle or sister.
Hmm. I don't know how I feel about this one. On the one hand, ties between firebending and the breath are explicitly mentioned in the show (The Deserter, Bitter Work, etc), and this could be a good way of representing that. It could also give firebenders a boost to damage that's useful but not out of hand. One the other, this specific ability is not, and I'm not sure whether we really need to represent this aspect mechanically. Breath control could just be a part of being a firebender. I guess my jury's still out on this one, though I'm leaning in favor at the moment. I'll wait and see what others think.

Justifying this feat by its ability to power up multiclass firebenders is interesting, but I think I'd support a Practiced Bending feat that increased bending level like Practiced Spellcaster instead of this sort of solution. Again, I'd like to see what others think.