Psicrown of the Dark Psyche
A dark psyche psicrown is the thing of nightmares, focusing on the irrational fears and hidden phobias buried deep down within the subconscious.
Description: This psicrown appears wrong somehow. Superficially it as a skullcap woven of the darkest grey silk with silver crystal forming intricate, strangely unnerving patterns that radiate out from a smokey crystal in the very center. Long tassles stiffened with glistening wire protrude from around its edge, each individual thread seeming to grip the wearer's head strongly. Upon looking closer they seem to be literally imbedded into the skull, but that must be a trick of the eyes surely? Wait, did it just twitch?!
Activation: You can activate the psicrown as a standard action and use any one of the psionic powers listed below. Using a different power, or the same one in succession, requires another standard action.
Effect: This psicrown has 450 power points and allows the use of the following powers.
* cerebral phantasm (CP 80)
* demoralize (XPH 91)
* form of doom (XPH 108 )
* primal fear (CP 95)
* shadow eft (CP 98 )
Aura/Manifester Level: Moderate Psychometabolism and Telepathy. ML 11th.
Construction: Craft Psicrown, cerebral phantasm, demoralize, form of doom, primal fear, shadow eft, 47,447 gp, 3,796 XP, 47 days.
Weight: 1/2 lb.
Price: 94,894 gp.