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Cute Crab. :)

Note that it takes a -20 on it's Grapple check if it tries to hold someone only using one tentacle.
Why is that?

Is there any point in noting that it is mindless?
How do you mean?

You might want to include some semi-flavor text about the use of the carapace (ie, treasure) or remaining fluid.
There is no treasure for them to keep, and the fluid is made specifically to repair this creature, so kill it and the slime dries up.

It lacks any ability to attack things flying nearby -- in theory, a single archer flying 100' up kills this without taking a single point of damage.
That cane overcome DR 35, and fast healing 10? I mean, I suppose its possible, but by the time it managed that this thing would have already destroyed most of what it was going after.

Throwing? Rays? Being able to call down meteors? A jump-type move option every 1d4 rounds? The ability to make a single super-long tentacle? Flight?
Probably does need something to allow it to fight fliers. Will think on it.