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Naturally it would be an epic archer -- but basically, a CR 29 creature needs something to counter overland flight. Archer was just an example...

Maximized Acid Arrow (Level 2+3) does 112 damage per cast over 7 rounds at level 18+. Cast it 7 times and over 14 rounds the target takes 644 damage, after fast healing 10. All of which can occur at a range of over 1000'.

As Acid Arrow is a conjuration type spell, you don't get to apply spell resistance, hence it gets through the Golem's spell immunity.
I adjusted the spell immunity. Now even if the spell doesn't allow resistance it is as likely to be a problem for the caster as the golem

...what, no creation information?
No one on the planet is capable of making one of these.

Although, I think the crater would be much wider than it was deep, unless I read that wrong. Could make it go in 3d20 with a radius of 3x it's distance down, or something like that. Craters don't seem to be hemispherical.
Was thinking more of a cone.

Isn't the damage for its fall a bit high?

It should do, following the RAW falling object rules, 20d6+320d6 [340d6 or ave. of 1,190 damage]. That is 20d6 max falling plus 1d6 for every 250 pounds it weighs - 80,000 pounds divided by 250 equals 320d6 damage ...
It's actually every 200 pounds you add a 1d6. So technically it should be 420d6. However, it's coming faster than just gravity, so I added a bit extra to round it out at 500d6.

Still trying to think if a realistic way to have it fly and let it maneuver while in space and keep to the theme of the thing.