Well, we have noticed an alarming trend with the versus threads, and that is the sheer volume of joke, silly and "me too! me too!" threads created without a good cause. While the concept of versus threads is not against the rules or bad in itself, the number of people 'jumping on the bandwagon' just because they can is having a detrimental effect.

In the absence of any official rules on the subject, I'm going to provide you with some guidelines I personally would suggest you consider before creating a new versus thread.

  • The first post should not be a one liner, or other very short introduction. It should be at least a page long, detailing the specifics of the discussion including the reason you are asking.
  • The thread should be based on a genuine argument that has cropped up through way of a discussion on this board or amongst your friends.
  • It should be a genuine, non humourous, match up.
  • It should be media related (note that we have other forums that may be more appropriate as well).
  • The thread should be well fleshed out and carefully considered.
  • It should not be something 'spur of the moment', please consider it carefully, take the time to do it properly and not make one because 'everyone else is doing it, I want one too' or 'that one already had a thread, so I made this one'.
  • The opening post should be serious and likely to lead to a serious discussion.

While not official by any means, I hope these guidelines help people out.