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    Quote Originally Posted by Krimm_Blackleaf View Post
    Now that you bring it up, I think I can mention that I was considering lowering the LA of the template to +3 or lower. I'm not entirely sure it's power is worth the 4 level loss for the template itself.
    They don't get some of the more powerful aspects of the template anyway, like the spell resistance or the mode of movement that is rarely given(burrow) and replaced with something that can be easily attained(swim speed). Not to mention the template doesn't give any bonuses to ability scores like other +4 LA templates we know well.
    All things considered this isn't really an incredibly pro-caster template, except for the fact it grants you easy escape from a potentially deadly scenario(if they don't have a fireball prepared).
    Since it has a fair amount of differences from the worm that walks template, it might be better to just rewrite a separate anathemic metamorphosis template in the description of the PrC, so 1) it's easier reference for people who want to take levels, and 2) it's easier to see how the modified template works as a whole for balance-tweaking purposes (if needed). I'm assuming you wouldn't want the "all HD to d8s" feature in there, either. And I would think that "tentacle smite" would work differently than "worm smite," at least in the flavor text.

    And are you sure I need to be a sorceror to be one of these guys? What about my studious wizard who just has... unusual taste in reading material?
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