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    Default Rebellion IV - Death of the Lich King (Day 10)

    Alright. I've stalled on this long enough. It's time to get this show on the road.

    Decades have passed since Xykon Fan overthrew the Zombie rule and had himself declared Lich King of your fair land. As expected, darkness and turmoil reigned supreme. Seems not all undead make good rulers. Unfortunately, there were no high level adventurers around to depose the Lich King so the despotism went on unabated until recently.

    As it happens, word got out that there was a threat to humanity, one GM told two of his friends, and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on until it finally got around to a GM that was running an epic campaign and had run out of things to do.

    Immediately he set his party to the task of righting wrongs and dispelling evil. The party managed the task quite handily enough, but in the end, they, like most parties, were only interested in loot and xp and forgot to tell anyone else what they were up to. As a result, no one noticed that Xykon Fan wasn't ruling anymore for several months.

    Once again the land is thrown into turmoil as several factions blathered on about their claim to the throne. Eventually it wound down to two factions, one decended from Crystall Myr and one decended from Castaras I's third cousin twice removed. Crystall Myr's decendant won the throne, but the supporters of Castaras I's rightful heir haven't given up hope.

    As before, the sitting ruler sent forth two of the best secret agents in the land to root out the pretender and secure his legacy. And also as before, since they hadn't been training secret agents, the two were still rookies and wholly incapable of infiltrating the rebellion. They were found dead at a donut shop. The autopsy said the icing was poisoned.

    Summary: Zeb The Troll and Alarra were killed by Rebels.

    Day One begins and will end at Noon Eastern Time on Sunday.



    There are two classes: Nobility and Peasantry. There are also two alignments: Loyalists and Rebels.

    • Emperor – The Emperor cannot be slain at night while Loyalist Imperial Guardsmen or the Captain of the Guard still live. The Emperor’s vote counts thrice. The Emperor cannot be converted.
    • Heir – The Heir becomes the Emperor upon the Emperor’s demise. The Heir’s vote counts twice. If the Heir succeeds the Emperor, there will be one full day between the previous Emperor's death and the coronation of the new Emperor. (If the Emperor is lynched on Day 1, Night 1 and Day 2 will pass, and the coronation will happen at the end of Day 2. If he is killed by Rebels on Night 1, Day 2 and Night 2 will pass and the coronation will happen at the beginning of Day 3.)
    • Royal Investigator – The Royal Investigator has many tools and much training at his disposal and is able to determine a player's role and allegiance with a night action.
    • Captain of the Guard – The Captain of the Guard sends Imperial Guardsment to protect one citizen each night from assassination. He is difficult to corrupt.
    • Imperial Guardsmen – The Imperial Guardsmen fight side by side and know each other well. They are difficult to corrupt.
    • The Court Couple – The subject of much discussion and speculation amongst the upper crust, a pair of Nobles have fallen in love but must keep it a secret. Should one of them die, the other dies as well. In addition, if the court couple both point at the same person, their combined vote will count as three instead of two.
    • Court Noble


    • The Sheriff (Day Baner) - The Sheriff is a loyal appointee of the Empire and is duty bound to protect it. He is capable of keeping lynch mobs in check and as such can protect a person from being lynched. He is also trusted by the Court and can keep them from executing a person he believes is loyal to the crown. Vote counts twice. This person is difficult to corrupt.
    • The Gossip – The Gossip has tendrils in several circles and can learn a player's class and allegiance with a night action.
    • The Drunkard – The Drunkard thinks he or she is the Gossip, but people have a grand time giving this person faulty information to see how long it takes to figure it out. When scrying, the Drunkard will be given a random class and allegiance.
    • Lovers – The fates of the lovers are intertwined. Should one die, so too the other. In addition, if the lovers both point at the same person, their combined vote will count as three instead of two.
    • Peasant


    • Rebel Leader – The Rebel Leader picks the Rebel Soldiers and the Rebel Spy. The Rebel Leader appears as a Loyalist Peasant when spied upon.
    • Rebel Spy – The Rebel Spy, trained in the same investigative techniques as the Royal Investigator, but somewhat less restricted in information gathering tools, can determine a player's class and role with a night action.
    • Rebel Soldier



    The Peasantry, both Loyalist and Rebel, incite a lynch mob each day, choosing to kill one person.
    The Nobles, both Loyalist and Rebel, meet in court each day, choosing to execute one person.
    All votes are made communally. They are tallied separately.
    The Sheriff may opt to protect someone from either lynching or execution (one or the other, not both). This decision is sent to the narrators via PM before the end of the day is posted.


    The Rebel Leader can send his Rebel Soldiers to assassinate one person or to convert one person to the Rebel Forces.
    The Rebel Spy can follow one person to determine that player’s class and role.
    The Royal Investigator and the Gossip may each follow one person to determine that player’s alignment and class, but not the player’s role.
    The Drunkard can follow one person but, due to his or her drink-addled mind, decides upon a random alignment and class.
    The Captain of the Guard protects one person from assassination each night.



    The Loyalist Nobility wins by eliminating all of the Rebels.
    The Loyalist Peasantry wins by surviving the rebellion until it ends.
    The Rebels win by eliminating all Loyalist Nobles and the Sheriff or by placing a Rebel Heir on the throne.


    The Heir wins if his alignment wins and he has succeeded the Emperor.
    The Imperial Guardsmen win if their alignment wins and an Emperor or the Rebel Leader is still alive.
    The Court Nobles win if their alignment wins and an Emperor is no longer alive.
    The Sheriff wins if he survives and either The Emperor or a Loyal Heir is on the throne.


    To convert someone, the Rebel Leader must send me the name a person they choose to convert and a decision of whether or not to attack on a refused invitation. I will then send the person who is to be converted an invitation. Should the person refuse and the Rebels have chosen to attack, there is a 20% chance of the person being slain, a 10% chance of a random rebel being slain, and a 10% chance of a random Rebel being unmasked in the ensuing battle. If the person is playing a role with the “difficult to corrupt” description, there is a 20% chance of the attempt automatically failing. Conversion can only happen every third night (nights 3, 6, 9, et cetera)

    Failure to vote three times will result in an automatic death.

    Note that there are some changes to the rules as posted in the recruitment thread (see in particular the Gossip, Royal Investigator, and the Sheriff).

    Player List 3/29

    Atreyu the Masked LLama - executed/lynched Day 1 - Peasant and Loyalist
    CurlyKitGirl - executed/lynched Day 3 - Lover and Loyalist
    DarkLightDragon - Murdered Night 7 - Drunkard and Loyalist
    Doseki - autolynched on Day 5 - Peasant and Loyal
    Dr. Bath - Killed by Rebels, Night 4 - The Gossip and Loyal
    easyname - Executed Day 8 - Peasant and Rebel
    Eldritch Knight - committed suicide Day 3 - Lover and Loyalist
    EmperorDemonking - executed/lynched Day 2 - Court Couple, Noble and Loyalist
    evnafets - Executed Day 10 - Peasant and Rebel Leader
    Fin - Lynched on Day 7 - Capt of the Guard and Loyalist
    Fleeing Coward - Executed on Day 7 - Rebel Soldier and Peasant
    Freshmeat - Murdered Night 9 - Heir and Loyal
    Gwyn ap Nud - Lynched Day 6 - Imperial Guardsman and Loyal
    Mordokai - Murdered Night 5 - Loyal and Imperial Guardsman
    Mustiado - Lynched Day 8 - Imperial Guard and Loyal
    Ominous - autolynched Day 4 - Sheriff and Loyal
    PGCoD - Lynched Day 10 - Court Investigator and Loyal
    Pwenet - lynched/executed Day 4 - Noble and Loyal
    Ranna - Executed Day 6 - Rebel Spy and Peasant
    Shadow - lynched/executed on Day 5 - Noble and Loyal
    Shishnarfne - Murdered Night 8 - Peasant and Loyal
    Stu42 - Court Couple - died in response to the execution of ED - Loyal
    SweetLikeLemons - killed by Rebels Night 2 - Noble and Loyalist
    Szilard - Lynched Day 9 - Emperor and Loyal
    topher - autolynched Day 4 - Noble and Loyal
    Zar Peter
    Zombie pixe - Executed Day 9 - Peasant and Rebel
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