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    Default Re: Rebellion IV - Death of the Lich King (Day 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by Atreyu the Masked LLama View Post
    Its fairly obvious really, who to point at. You need only compare the past to the future and you find the present.

    In the past, who has been a rebel?? The cats! Castaras played a cat and was a rebel in Rebellion II. So it seems logical there would be cat rebels in the future, which is now. Now, we don't have anyone playing cats, but someone ALWAYS has a cat present and that person is CurlyKitGirl. Its in her avatar, its in her sig, its in her very soul and therefore Curlykitgirl is a rebel and must be lynched.

    Also, I'm debating between LLambo, the action movie hero and Llama Wright, the Sim City Planner.
    "Oh really? And who's the sneaky Llama King opressing the rights of sheep everywhere? You! Who's always in cahoots with the Rebels and the bad guys? Who presonally knows the name of at least two rebels?
    The Llama!
    That's right ladies; gentlemen and others The Llama is conspiring against us andour faithful sheep.
    We want Sheep RIghts and we want them now!
    Shepherds For Justice unite now!"
    The Sheep Rights activist hoists her placard and walks around the Llama in a circle chanting loudly all the while.

    ((EDIT: Go for the City Planner.

    Point: CurlyKitGirl! Three capital letters: CKG. It's not that hard. Heck, just go for Curly. It's easier apparently.))
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    Quote Originally Posted by V'icternus View Post
    Why is it that you now scare me more than the possibility of nuclear war?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bath View Post
    To compare [Curly] to the beauty of the changing seasons or timeless stars would be an understatement.
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    But Koorly is the sweetest crime.

    Squid bones are lies.