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Its fairly obvious really, who to point at. You need only compare the past to the future and you find the present.

In the past, who has been a rebel?? The cats! Castaras played a cat and was a rebel in Rebellion II. So it seems logical there would be cat rebels in the future, which is now. Now, we don't have anyone playing cats, but someone ALWAYS has a cat present and that person is CurlyKitGirl. Its in her avatar, its in her sig, its in her very soul and therefore Curlykitgirl is a rebel and must be lynched.

Also, I'm debating between LLambo, the action movie hero and Llama Wright, the Sim City Planner.
I bow at your logic, Mr. Llama! I wished I had the same cognitive abilities as you!

* Looks up *

Crap! Why are you pointing at me