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    Default [Avatar d20 Project] Warrior Base Classes

    As the Avatar project has exchanged leadership and expanded from the creation of the bending classes into the design of an entire setting, it's become very clear that the magical and quasi-magical abilities of the PHB base classes do not fit the Avatar world. As such, new ways to represent these classes are needed. Specifically, the Ranger, Paladin, and Monk need to go. The Ranger and Monk, at least, need to be replaced with non-magical variants.

    The purpose of this thread is to create and refine these classes, as well as make a list of non-magical classes from splatbooks that can be applied to the setting. And with that, we can get started. Here are the precedents we need to account for so far in the show.

    So let's get started then, eh?
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    Water, Earth, Fire, and Air: Benders of the Avatar world
    Monks and Rangers for a non-magical world
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