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You posted the Ranger twice, Eighth Seraph
Er. I meant to do that. Totally. It was, uh, a test. You passed. Congrats.
Nice catch, X.

I take it from the fact that you posted this modified monk that you don't plan on using Lord Tartaraus's martial artist class?
I never really like Tataraus' martial artist classes, and I made that clear as they were being designed. I did the monk redux in order to represent the large variation in martial arts and apply to a largely eastern setting where martial arts are prominent. It's a very untested class, though, and it'll need some playtesting and number crunching before it's ready for use. I would be more than happy to take a synopsis of different martial arts and fighting styles and try to represent them with the new class.

In terms of keeping up with the benders' power; Meph set up a new set of arena battles for us to test these in party battles alongside the benders. I'm more worried about the Ranger being underpowered than the monk, though. If you're up for a playtest, there should be a link at the main hub.

There's no fighter upgrade/Avatar version in here, which is a pity,
Well, it's debatable whether a fighter fix is really necessary, since I statted up Sokka's master as a level 20 fighter in the original thread to test it, and it turned out pretty well. I lost by one attack in the playtest against a level 20 waterbender. Of course, I got beat by Wave/Freeze. 'Nuff said.

Any ideas or concerns on balance or how to make the monk tables flow better?