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I think either class sets work, Lord T's is something that would definitely destroy many of the melee standards set in the PHB; which from all the "Fighter Fixes" I've read about, is something that's probably needed. The Fighter class isn't bad in itself, but the options presented need a severe overhaul, while the chassis of the class just needs to be upgraded slightly. Eighth's is another variant where there isn't one end all martial class, like Lord T's...
Technically, my classes are the variant since they are basically non-cannon. These are the official classes. Some of the largest participants in the project preferred to keep extremely conservative when it comes to extrapolating from the canon. Which is fine, though not particularly my style.

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I agree; however, are these classes supposed to be able to keep up with benders of the same ECL? They don't seem able to. I sort of like Lord Tartaraus's martial artist as an alternative; seems much more able to attempt to keep up with the benders.
That is a very good question, I know a fighter variant needs to be made to stay on par with benders, other than that these need to be playtested. (which I think might be happening relatively soon)

So, any ideas on a good fighter variant Eighth? Or are you going to stick with making uber feats? If the latter, that's fine but it is easier sometimes to just make a new class since some of the stuff will be so awesome all fighters would take it and at that point you might as well make it a class feature.

By the way Uthug, I like to keep my name 2 letters off from the underworld one is just too close to be comfortable, I don't want to step on Hades' toes too much