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I've seen some decent fighter fixes over time on the forums, including one that really caught my eye. I'll try to dig it up so you guys can take a look at it. My main concerns for the existing classes right now is making a one-handed and two-handed melee combat styles for the ranger, and organizing the monk to make it an easier read. Ideas on either of this.
Perhaps for the one-handed style you could either include something for the use and mastery of shields in the off hand, or make some sort of a set of homebrew feats for the use of free hands in combat (e.g. arm locks, grappling, some sort of parry).

As for the two-handed weapon style, you could give them Favored Power Attack from Complete Warrior.

As an alternative to these fighting styles built as a list of feats, you could just assign abilities in place of feats where no pre-existing feats existed. That would allow from somewhat more unique fighting styles that fighters would not be able to duplicate.

You could also have each style be a sort of generalized Weapon Style feat which allows for the gaining of new abilities based on your BAB or your ranger level. Since a lot of what I said is ideas which contradict each other, I hope that you were able to at least get something out of this which helped.