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    Lightbulb [Powers] Seeking refuge within...

    Inner Sanctum
    Level: Psion/Wilder 2
    Display: Mental
    Manifesting Time: 1 full round
    Target: You
    Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
    Power Points: 3

    You pull all thought into the deepest recesses of your psyche and hide there. All your mental stats are effectively lowered to 0. You become immune to all mind-affecting effects and all damage or drain to mental stats. However, you are left Helpess and have no sensation of your body. You can use none of your senses, nor manifest any powers, so that you cannot see or hear danger, smell a scent, or feel pain if attacked. You are immune to damage from pain, but take true, physical damage normally. You know vaguely how much time passes while in this state, and may return to your senses at any point of the duration, at which point the power ends.

    Autohypnosis (Wis; Trained Only)

    Inner Sanctum: You may attempt to gain the same state as Inner Sanctum with a DC 25 Autohypnosis check. You may remain in this state for 10 minutes, plus an additional minute for every point by which you succeed upon the original DC.


    Inner Sanctum, Trapping
    Level: Psion/Wilder 4
    Display: Mental
    Manifesting Time: 1 full round
    Target: You
    Duration: 1 min/level (D)
    Saving Throw: Will negates partial; see text.
    Power Resistance: No
    Power Points: 7

    This acts as Inner Sanctum, except that anyone who attempts to affect you with a mind-affecting power or spell while in this sanctum finds their consciousness spiraling down into the depths of your psyche. If they succeed on their save they are only reduced to helplessness for 1 round, and awake the next. Otherwise they become trapped with you, and though you are not required to reveal yourself, you are aware of their presence. You may have any number of being's minds trapped within yours.

    You may arise from your sanctum, leaving them trapped for the duration, though they get a secondary save with a +4 modifier to awaken with you. You may speak with them telepathically while they are trapped within though gain no other special influence over them.

    If you die while they are trapped they are released immediately with no ill effects. Likewise, moving to another plane as the target ends the power.

    Augment: For every 2 power points you spend the DC of this power increases by 1.
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