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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Warrior Base Classes

    My initial impression of both these classes is extremely favorable. Nothing really jumps out at me as a source of cheese (always a good thing) and a lot of the abilities sound interesting. I'll have to give some thought to homebrewed class abilities that can be granted via Ranger combat styles.

    At this point, my only comments are more organizational than substantive. First, I think you should explicitly state in the Ranger Combat Style explanation that "Balanced Combat Style," "Improved Combat Style," "Greater Combat Style," and "Combat Style Mastery" all grant an additional feat from the style's progression. It's pretty easy to figure out given that there are 5 abilities with the words "Combat Style" in their name and 5 feats on each list, but it's always good to be clear. Perhaps format the style lists like this:

    Two-weapon melee
    Combat Style - Two-weapon fighting
    Balanced Combat Style - Two-weapon defense
    Improved Combat Style - Improved Two-weapon fighting
    Greater Combat Style - Improved Two-weapon defense
    Combat Style Mastery - Greater Two-weapon fighting, Greater Two-weapon defense

    My second comment concerns the monk styles. Specifically, the different classifications of styles are a little bit confusing. Perhaps if you grouped all the classification descriptions together and had a few sentences explaining what they mean it would be easier to decipher. Again, I can figure out what you mean, but it's always good to be clear. The idea is brilliant, and I really like the variety it brings to the monk class. These are shaping up to be great additions to the setting.

    Edit: I think I see what was confusing me. You have two list of style categories. The one directly beneath the class table lists evasive, mobile, quick, hard, and resiliant styles. The second, located at the end of the description, lists agile, evasive, hard, quick, and resiliant. I think these are duplicate lists, intended for clarification, with one containing a description of the abilities and the other containing a table. I was confused because of the positioning of the lists and the name discrepency between mobile and agile. Perhaps including the table and the description in the same place would make this clearer.

    Another thing that has come to my attention recently is the high prerequisites for the Chi Disruption and Stunning Fist. I propose reducing the BAB requirement for Stunning Fist to +4, BAB +6 for Chi Disruption, and +9 for Improved Chi Disruption. Because the save DC's for these abilities are based on character level, I don't think that allowing these feats at lower levels is unreasonable. For reference, the feats can be found here. What says the playground?

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