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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Warrior Base Classes

    I like lowering requirements on feats like that. I support it.

    I am, however, not sure why the combat styles aren't finished. I know this was an issue before, I'm sure it was due to the fact that Eighth Seraph didn't want to set up a Cleave/Sunder progression or something along those lines. But I think that's what should be set up.

    1) Combat Expertise
    2) Combat Reflexes
    3) Improved Disarm
    4) Improved Combat Expertise (Complete Warrior)
    5) Improved Feint

    1) Power Attack
    2) Cleave
    3) Favored Power Attack (Complete Warrior)
    4) Great Cleave
    5) Favored Power Attack (pick another one)

    I dunno, I think that being moderately more generic in this sense might be good, most two-handed weapon fighters take the Power Attack -> Great Cleave route for example. Just something to think about.

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