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My initial impression of both these classes is extremely favorable. Nothing really jumps out at me as a source of cheese (always a good thing) and a lot of the abilities sound interesting.
Alright! My primary and secondary aims in creating these classes have been accomplished, then.

I'll get right on fixing all of the organizational problems between today and tomorrow. I'm going to integrate all of the monk style tables into a single table, then make the spoiler tags with a couple sentences of fluff text and some explanations. Does that sound about right?

1) Power Attack
2) Cleave
3) Favored Power Attack (Complete Warrior)
4) Great Cleave
5) Favored Power Attack (pick another one)
Hm. It covers all the basics for the ranger and allows for individual rangers to fine-tune their builds. I like it! I'm a bit worried about Great Cleave's reputation for semi-uselessness, though...

1) Combat Expertise
2) Combat Reflexes
3) Improved Disarm
4) Improved Combat Expertise (Complete Warrior)
5) Improved Feint
You had me, up until Improved Feint. It just doesn't seem like a worthy level 16 feat. Is there anything from Complete Warrior that would work better?

By the by, I also support changing the pre-reqs. I'm actually considering making Ty Lee's martial art into a monk fighting style, but am weighing it carefully since we've proven that she can be represented by available means.