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{table=head]Type (Subtype)|Type (Subtype)
Animal (mammal)|Earth Kingdom (military)
Animal (bird)|Earth Kingdom (Dai Li)
Animal (reptile)|Air Nomads (airbender)
Animal (aquatic)|Swamp (waterbender)
Magical Beast|Sun Warrior (firebender)
Vermin|Sun Warrior (warrior)
Fire Nation (firebender)|Monk (agile)
Fire Nation (military)|Monk (evasive)
Water Tribe (waterbender)|Monk (hard)
Water Tribe (military)|Monk (quick)
Earth Kingdom (earthbender)|Monk (resilient)[/table]

This would make the ability considerably less powerful, and we'll have to define Fire Nation military, for example, as anyone trained to be part of the Firelord's armies and state that for any creature that falls into more than one category the ranger uses the highest modifier. What do you guys think?
This is an awesome idea. but what about just a regular "human" for people that don't fall into those. I mean, someone can be from a nation but not be a bender or in the military, or by military do you mean people that use weapons?