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    Default Re: [Avatar d20 Project] Warrior Base Classes

    By military, I mean anyone trained to be a soldier in the military. The idea is to target similarities in how people move and think. I got the idea when I thought of a tournament I went to, when I saw that the guy I would spar in the first round had "Red Dragon Karate" on the back of his uniform. I assumed he'd fight like with a hand-heavy, block-and-counter style (my specialty), but he turned out to be all dodging and made mincemeat out of me. Therefore, understanding the way an opponent fights can grant bonuses which may be vital to defeating him.

    I know that this system leaves huge gaps for self-trained people like Jet who, quite frankly, don't belong to any particular training organization, but I can't think of any way to do that without getting into specifics, like a ranger specializing into hunting down Jet's freedom fighters. Before we get into the specifics on how to make the system work, I'd like to know if people like it. What do you guys think?
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