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    Default Re: Avatar Battle Royale: 4th Discussion Thread

    Sorcerer Dude Strikes Back

    ABR V
    1. Bring yourself into the plot

    2. Being useful

    3. Forest...

    4. Spanish

    5. searching for a party

    6. Formal introduction

    7. Nerves

    8. The battle against the Vampire Goblin Warlord (Flashback)

    9. Formal introduction 2

    10. How Ichneumon killed his party (Flashback)

    11. Alignments

    12. Alignments part 2

    13. For Gold and Glory

    14. Checklist

    15. Clerics....

    16. Bards can heal...

    17. May the power of A, B and C be with you

    18. What...?

    19. Three Clerics...

    20. ehm...

    21. How Szilard became chaotic neutral Part 1 (Flashback)

    22. How Szilard became chaotic neutral Part 2 (Flashback)

    23. Revive...

    24. Invisible...

    25. Sorcerer Dude's escape

    26. One cleric too many.

    27. To the city

    28. Walking to the city

    29. Boring!

    30. Walking to the city

    31. A bank...

    32. Shield

    ABR VI
    33. Glory and Gold

    34. Get the sheild

    35. Let's get the gold.

    36. How Cleric E died long ago...

    37. 5, 4, 3...

    38. ...2...1...splat!

    39. In a neat pile too!

    40. At full moon

    41. Unknown comic.

    42. Alone at last

    43. An alignment revealed (it's not like you havent guessed)

    44. What are you again?

    45. Must save him

    46. Need better knives

    47. Polotics might just be the right thing

    48. What is it again?

    49. Need more ice cream

    50. The short stay of another cleric

    51. Almost there

    52. The Clerics

    53. The worst time to go out of business

    54. One succesful check later

    55. Thank you for not smokeing

    56. What's a speech bubble?

    57. So she is a she!

    58. You sure have missed a lot

    59. Oppurtunitys just walk by sometimes

    60. Add al ittle magic, and it's a shoppe

    Have you? Do you?

    62. So close

    63. Who do you want to die?

    64. Job offer

    65. Mandatory FFF referance

    66. Blame Shades of Gray

    67. Now he wants to go places

    68. It was an accident, I swear

    69. You were hanging out with my brother right?

    70. Anton is in the spotlight now!

    71. With a name like bone train, it has to have undead.

    72. Welcome to the team

    73. Yay, another spell caster!

    Best of plot related non canon! 1. Some slightly non-canon fun!

    Best of plot related non canon part 2. It continues!

    Best of plot related non canon part the third. ....and some more!

    More slightly plot related non canon 4. Who's this guy?

    Plot related non canon fun 5. Back to the fun...

    PRNCF 6. ...and it continues.

    PRNCF 7. Might as well make some profit on it

    PRNCF 8. Let's hope it worked

    74. Helians, huzzah!

    75. Irony sucks, Randomizer doesn't!

    76. Aww, we're back to the plot.

    77. I'm an obvious Star Wars dude

    78. Butt Capes and Lasers Part 2

    79. To Merinas!

    80. You too?!?

    81. Can't be too careful

    82. The quest of J and Svartalfar

    83. The problem with helmets

    83. Look where Cleric B went

    84. There she is!

    85. Your percision overwelms me

    86. Look at that gray fellow

    87. Tickets please

    88. Of all the places to hide

    89. A visitor?

    90. Just a bit closer...

    91. X marks the spot!

    92. Talking behind his back

    93. Where'd that come from?

    94. A bit awkward

    95. Shady person he is

    96. A bold plan

    97. Add a pinch of kobold

    98. He's still an imature one

    99. Not my blaster!

    100! So that's where he went!

    101. Oh, and him too.

    102. They crippled themselves.

    103. Zaaaaap!

    104. He's gone insane!

    105. The fight begins!

    106. It's getting interesting.

    107. The kobold wants out

    108. Sorcerer Dude, revealed!

    109. What's goning on?

    110. Godess of Bees

    111. Who's next?

    112. What's going on now?

    113. There goes the main villian

    114. Choo choo!

    115. Now who could that be?

    116. The Plothole

    117. Continue the plot!

    118. Through the plothole!

    119. Hello

    120. The king! (Or is it Medina?)

    121. And the fight continues!

    122. Things sure are getting interesting

    123. You bet they are

    124. Only a bit more than I expected

    125. Ooh, sparkly

    126. Ooh, shiney

    127. Still fighting

    128. This time while jumping between trains.

    129. It's about time

    130. I was this close

    131. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering! Well, his anyway.

    132. my what now?

    133. Weird, 2/3 of deaths come from beheading.

    134. He's got a good question...

    135. Everybody off, Now!

    136. ABR:Where even undead have class.

    137. More questions

    138. Just so we're on the right page...

    139. See comic 147

    140. We have to locomote off sometime soon

    141. The PI

    142. Stay on target, stay on target...

    143. ZOMG!

    144. What'cha gonna do when he comes for you!

    145. Heheh

    146. HE. IS. ALIIIVVE!!!

    147. 3 more to cash in!

    148. But they're so cute!

    149. Now just 2 more!

    150. um... Boom?

    151. Verbal contract

    152. That was quick...

    153. Lets do this thing

    154. On a quest for adventure...

    155. We're where?

    156. The lazy introduction.

    157. History Lessons Abound.

    158. Just a bit about me

    159. Sure it's the land of the dead, but four liches?

    160. The beginning of the dungeon

    161. Totally not a steakhouse.

    162. Not your average dungeon

    163. Bang!Bang!Bang!

    164. The Rule of Chocolate

    165. Slice!

    166. Ommpa Loompas!
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