Dammit, someone beat me to it.
One of these threads shows up every few months or so. I'm going to tell the whole freakishly long story, and then someone needs to sticky this thread or something...

Anyways, The Feud started in SMBG when I came to realize that El Jaspero was plotting against me. Naturally, I decided to retaliate and began to plot against him. Both of us made made preparations for a direct assault upon our persons. It was a rather indecisive time; there were simply too many booby traps and big nasty poisonous weapons to keep around. Eventually, one of us (and neither of us can remember who exactly, although I would never, never, never do such a thing) decided to deliver a pre-emptive strike, and *stabbed* the other. This vile and despicable act, of course, confirmed the suspicions that we were plotting against each other. The Plot dissolved rapidly into an all out *stabbity* war. Sooner or later, as the bystanders watched in wonder and horror, one of them, known by the name of caw, had the brilliant idea to give a name to this pointless and gratuitous violence: The Feud. It was only when the bloodshed reached record heights (5,238,602 donor units) that The Feud became The Feud.

The Feud continues today, or it would, if that horrible cowardly little cretin, El Jaspero, ever logged on here anymore.