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    my own diabolical experiments:

    i would appreciate you letting me know how it worked/didn't work if you use my stuff. that way i can figure out what to do right the next time.

    Base Classes

    Celox Monk (Skirmishing Spring-Attacker)

    Sigil Circle (Alternative Class Feature for Arcanists)


    Adaptive Style (Tiered Variant)

    Arcane Tactician (Marshall/Battle Sorcerer)

    Ascetic Champion (Crusader/Monk)

    Berserk Champion (Barbarian/Crusader)

    Blood of the Wild (Druidic Rituals)

    Centipede's Claws (Tactical Feat)

    Eldritch Occultist (Warlock/Binder)

    Etheric Atman (Psychic Grafts)

    Eye of the Gremlin (Sneak Attack vs Constructs)

    Falling Mountain (Tactical Feat)

    Intuitive Attack (BoED Redux)

    Lightning Tactician (Tactical Feat)

    Lockdown (Movement Killer)

    Magnificent Scrapper (Tactical Feat)

    Malevolent Bent (Sublime Warlock)

    Master of Deception (Secret Weapon for Illusionists)

    Mercurial Skirmisher/Heavy-Handed Colossus (Initiative-Based Feats)

    Multiweapon Fighting (Feat Family Fixes)

    Rush (2 Scout Feats)

    Slip Inside (getting inside of reach weapons)

    Smoke Strike (Combat Teleportation)

    Spirit Marks "Atua Moko" (Druidic Rituals)

    Strike of the Empyreal Cyclone (Exalted Monk)

    Strip the Foul Soul (Exalted Feat for Breath Weapons)

    Sublime Reach (Martial Maneuvers w/in 30 feet)

    Thousand Hands (Melee Combat)

    Transcendent Guerilla (Swordsage/Rogue)

    Two Racial Feats (Weapon Familiarity, etc.)

    Unbound Spirit (Monk Feat)

    Venom Feats (Um, Feats for Venom Users; duh)

    Written in the Stars (Caster/Truenamers)

    Wyrmfire (Tactical; Metabreath)

    Fiend Folio

    Aadar Llwach (Feybred Raptors; MC XXXI Winner)

    Aes Sí (Subtype; the Morrigan, Balor, etc; MC XXXIII Entry)

    Maprapnetra (Aberrant Creature of the End Times)

    Oreichalkos Dragons (Warders of Atlantis; MC XXXVII Winner)

    Retrospect (Psionic, Time-Altering Golem; MC XXIX Entry)

    Skratta-sker (Fae Goblins with Eldritch Magic; MC XXI Winner)

    Game Mechanics

    Experimental PBP Initiative Mechanic


    Geometer's Circles (Magic Item Crafting Rituals)


    Chain Viper (Big Brother to Eldritch Glaive)

    Gaze of the Old Ones (Warlock Scrying)

    Hellstrike (Combat Maneuvers)

    Monster Class Progressions


    Prestige Classes

    Allaidhar (Sublime Nomad; PrCC III Entry)

    Archon of the Forsaken (Binder/Warlock; PrCC IX Entry)

    Blade Dancer (Sublime Remix)

    Feral Stalker (Sublime Shifter)

    Hammer of Moradin (Sublime Remix)

    Trapsmith (Dungeonscape Redux; now with more traps!)

    Ttapavoiia (Truenamer PrC)


    Chained to the Earth (Druid/Earth/Shug/Sor/Wiz--Anti-Flier)

    Compression Wave (Sor/Wiz--Like it Says)

    Evulsive Decimation (Sor/Wiz--Laws of Attraction)

    Haste, Greater (yeah, um, greater haste)

    Primeval Movement (Pre-Epic Druid Verdigris Tsunami)

    Radiant Sphere (Druid, Sor/Wiz)

    Reach of the Wizened Viper (Sor/Wiz--Melee Aid)

    Shelgarn's Paired Trauma (Sor/Wiz--weapons)


    Godblooded (Divine Scions)

    Graysoul (Corporeal Undead Bound to Shadow Plane)

    Wild Avatar (Vengeful Spirits of Nature)


    Hiidenkirves (Tricky Throwing Axe)


    Seklas, the Destroyer (Rompin-Stompin Vestige; 8th level)

    Seklas, the Lost (Vestige of a Forgotten God; 3rd level)

    Random Stuff

    Advanced Teamwork Benefits

    Infantry Teamwork Benefits (Marine Corps Style)
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