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    Within the lowermost recesses of the oldest cities where the walls drip and the refuse of those above flow down are found the Sewerfolk, humans adapted to the chill, festering climes of the urban bowels. Like maggots they prowl its depths, eking out a living by scavenging and a complete lack of shame. They are a stoic people, who take whatever life throws at them without complaint and makes the best of it. Resigned to their fate, they are always willing to take a chance in what many think of as bravery, searching into the deepest pits and foulest lairs.

    Sewerfolk Racial Traits
    Sewerfolk are not dissimilar from standard mankind, though they tend to be several inches shorter than normal norm in general, and quite thin and long of limb. They are possessed of an unhealthy pallor and their eyes are abnormally large and dark. Their noses are small and seem somewhat atrophied, with nostrils barely more then pinpricks in the underside of the organ. They where their hair long and matted, though otherwise they appear completely hairless and slick-skinned. They wear brown and green clothes covered in a thick layer of something that appears as mold or chemical ooze, though could conceivably be something much worse.

    * Charisma -4, Constitution +2: Sewerfolk are incredibly nauseating examples of humankind and smell more or less as one would imagine. However, life in this damp squalor has seen that only the healthiest specimens have survived to breed.

    * Medium: As medium creatures, sewerfolk have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

    * Humanoid (Human): Sewerfolk are of human descent and are affected by spells and like as if they were purely human.

    * 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level. Though not having the unmatched potential of most humans, sewerfolk are as able to pick up multiple skills with ease.

    * Scavenger: Sewerfolk gain a +2 racial bonus on Appraise, Spot and Survival checks.

    * Low-Light Vision: Sewerfolk can see twice as far as a normal human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

    * Resigned: Sewerfolk gain a +2 bonus to resist fear and sorrow effects, such as from Crushing Despair.

    * Slumgullet: Sewerfolk can gain sustenance from near anything organic, regardless of its freshness or source. They gain a +4 racial bonus on Fortitude saves to resist the effects of ingested poisons, as well as on Fortitude saves to resist diseases caused by ingested substances (such as spoiled food). They are also immune to nausea and Blinding Sickness.

    * Stench (Ex): Sewerfolk are almost overwhelming in their personal body odor. Those within 10 feet of a sewerfolk must succeed on a DC 11 Fortitude save or become sickened for as long as they are in range. If one succeeds on the save they are immune to the sewerfolk's stench for 24 hours.
    As well, a sewerfolk can be detected at twice the range of a creature's scent ability.

    * Level Adjustment: +0

    * Automatic Language: Tradesign. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic)

    * Favored Class: Rogue

    Sewerfolk Society
    Sewerfolk are a silent, solemn race as benefits a people who live a life of squatting beside flowing sewage for marketable items or a tasty treat. They possess near nothing, yet are content with their lot, and distinctly lack any obvious ambition.

    Sewerfolk are to be found wherever water flows the deepest beneath urban locales, though they make their homes in the drier holes, cellars and forgotten corners of the dark underground. '

    Sewerfolk tend to remain uncaring one way or the other to non-sewerfolk, and display only a vague ethical system that allows them to survive with what little they can acquire. As such they tend towards neutral alignments, though like all humans individuals across the entire spectrum are to be found.

    Sewerfolk form clans of extended family or friends, usually merely enlarging their stakes as their numbers grow until they merge with other clans and their property. Their personal dwellings are akin to rat nests, comfortable materials shredded or bundled up for comfort, and their few personal items tucked within.

    If sewerfolk possess any particular beliefs they keep it amongst themselves and outsiders rarely have the stomach to stay in their presence long enough to inquire. Having been reduced to their current state by generations of the most extreme poverty, and knowing that even the poorest of other peoples shun them in disgust, it is likely their belief is that they have been abandoned by any higher power and must simply continue to subsist.

    Sewerfolk are cordial with all other peoples and are almost unheard of to fight amongst themselves or with others. They are however cunning and skillful barterers with a strong ethical code against stealing, though are quite content to take of anything obviously abandoned or lost. Amongst themselves they share what they can, making sure all have the basics.

    Sewerfolk are absolutely quiet, using a type of intuitive sign language to get across their intentions, though rarely anyone besides for other sewerfolk can speak it with any degree of fluency.
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