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    3.5 Edition
    Prestige Classes

    My Outsider Disciple Prestige Classes
    : Celestial Disciple, Fiendish Disciple, Farspawn Disciple, and Dragon Disciple
    Kazarzeth [ToB]- Warriors who wield vampiric crystal runeblades
    Elflords / Quillari Myrmidons- Time bending arcane or psychic warriors of the Elven race
    Ecclesiastic Knight [ToB] - Priests, Knights, and Protectors of the Faith in times of crisis.
    Awakened Apostle - Followers of the path of self-divinity through righteousness.
    Revised Mystic Theurge - Arcane / Divine hybrid that sucks less than its counterpart.
    Divine Hierophant - Ultimate master of divine magic, mixing both favored soul and cleric (not unlike Ultimate Magus).
    Valenar Ancestral Blade - Warrior class that fuses Eberron specific spells with a Valenar elven warrior. (ToB)
    The Wandslinger - A prestige class about wandslinging, how novel!
    The Awenydd - A druid/bard prophet who listens to the natural song of the other world to learn insights and divinations about this one.
    Knight of the Righteous Chorus - A bard/paladin fusion based on the Devoted Performer feat from the Complete Adventurer.
    Bladesinger (redux) - A more up to par take on the old favorite (ToB)
    Arcane Smith - Architects of magic, a hybrid artificer/wizard (or sorcerer) that reflects both of their natures.
    The Master of One - a Tome of Battle specialist in a chosen discipline, kind of a reverse Master of Nine. [ToB]
    Suel Arcanamach (Redux) - a Tome of Battle redesign of the mage killing class from the Complete Arcane. [ToB]
    Dragon Knight of the Arcane - A paladin/sorcerer gish class devoted to Bamahut and draconic power.
    Magus of the Unseen Way - A arcane/psionic theurge that is different from Cerebremancer, it actually has synergy!
    The Mindhunter - A psionic exorcist-knight who hunts his foes with their own power. [ToB]
    The Crystal Lord - A psionic warrior-smith who excels at using his own creations [ToB]
    Battle Telepath - A psychic who has turned both read thoughts and mind thrust into a full fighting style (complete with psychic blade!)
    Fallen Traveler - A traveler who has embraced the chaos of the multiverse and seeks to see all fall into chaos.
    The Darkling - Soulknife shadowcasters who bond with the darkness beyond through their minds. [LoB]
    Margrave of the Black Gate - A blending on the Ebon Initiate and the Binder class, using the the vestige Ahriman that causes the character to become a bound wraith.
    The Forge Hammer - A warforged evolutionary artificer warrior. [ToB]

    New Daggerspell Guardians: The Daggerspell Invoker, the Daggerspell Mystic, Daggerspell Sapphirist, the Daggerspell Sage, and the Daggerspell Psychic.

    ErrantX's Homebrew Feat Compendium II - Updated in the OP and as I go, check it from time to time to see what's new! This one isn't closed like the last one!

    The Saint of Murder, Xionn Fellblade - A powerful rakshasa who is said to be the first to commit the act of murder.
    Ahriman, the Darkness Beyond the Gate - The powerful hand of a now dead god who brings to the binder power over death and hatred for the elven race.

    Base Classes
    The Generator - A steam-punk warrior who generates machines from his own body to make war with.
    The Channeler - Divine invokers who have made a pact with an angel for celestial abilities. (3.5/PF)
    The Ebon Initiates - Warrior-necrolocks who make pacts with death to wield powers of death, blood, and ice. (3.5/PF)
    The Travelers - A nomad-based psionic melee character class with strong psychoportive abilities and strong philosophical enlightenment.
    My Base Class Revisions - Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Sorcerer, Rogue
    Spellblade- An arcane soulknife style class

    Variant Systems
    Psionic Wild Talents- A new and different way to run psionics in your campaign.


    Classes and Archetypes
    The Varisian Runelord - a rune-tattoo covered arcane spellcaster using the legacy magic of lost Thassilon.
    The Shield Faerie and Shield Faerie Guardian - A race and racial prestige class for guardian fae.
    The Invincible Iron Man - homage to Iron Man in base class form, check it out! (Winner of the PF Grab Bag Competition VII: Saturday Morning Nostalgia)
    The Necromera - An ebon initiate prestige class that uses blood magic and invocations to transform into a vampire.
    Twixil Night Blade - An ebon initiate prestige class that turns the powers of death against death's forces itself. [LoB]
    Knights of the Ashen Blade - Warriors devoted to death and revenge, an Ebon Initiate PrC. [LoB]
    Frostwrought Scions - Necromancer invokers who walk the path to become a frost lich.
    Death Marshal - An ebon initiate/gunslinger (or magus/gunslinger) PrC
    Seekers of the Fallen - An arcane spellcaster / channeler PrC that hunts demons!
    Gun Magus - A gunslinger / magus hybrid.

    Homebrew Archetype List - Where I put archetypes I make.

    The D'Angelines - A new breed of aasimar (many different angelic blood lines, inspired by Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series)

    Misc Stuff!
    Platinum Contributor to the Avatar D20 Project!

    *- Unfinished / in the works
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