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    Default Re: [Creature] The doctor's bill will kill ya!

    Quote Originally Posted by jagadaishio View Post
    Shouldn't the biosight ability also give a somewhat hefty bonus to confirming critical hits?
    Not really, as though they can see 'where' to hit, they still have to be able to hit it.

    That being said, shouldn't the HD/HP be 1d8+1 since their Con is 12[+1]?
    Had actually had them at 14 originally and forgot to change the 1 bonus hit point. However, a higher bonus to con would make them a bit more powerful than i wanted for them to be as a playable race. Also, dunno, why blood sucking would give them a higher con. Stirges have a con of 10, and vampires don't even have a con

    Why racial HD in the "As Characters" section? I thought that creatures with only 1 RHD had that replaced with their first class level.
    They usually are, but I don't know it is a rule anywhere saying you have to.

    Also, what sort of action is it to apply coagulant?
    The same as to apply anything else to someone I'd guess. The other likely has to be willing as it's hard to spit with accuracy.

    In the "As characters" section you have listed their monster levels give them 1 feat....that would mean they should have between 3 to 5 Hit Dice, equivalent to 3-5 class levels, thus giving them a feat. But you also list they only have 1 HD, which is replaced by a 1st lvl.....a level adjustment of +3 doesn't make them eligible for a bonus feat, only HD or class levels.
    1 racial HD entitles them to 1 racial feat.

    I'm thinking of making one a recurring PC in my campaign with your permission.
    Go for it, and let me know how it works out.

    Are these based on the Anophelii from The Scar at all, or is it just a coincidence there?
    Not at all. The anophelii were merely humanoid mosquitoes, and only the women had probosci. Only common theme to both of these is they are capable of sucking blood.
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