1. When using cast to the heavens, do you sacrifice the attack from Death's Reprimand, from improved trip, or both?
2. As part of their soul to judgement, it states that no jump check is required. This text is missing from heavenly strike. Is this intentional?
3. For the purposes of attacks made through their soul to judgement or heavenly strike, are your opponents treated as being prone (losing their dexterity bonus to their AC, for example).
4. A literal interpretation of cast to the heavens has it that only creatures of the exact same size category as you have a chance to land on their feet. Is this intentional?
5. The language behind soar the the heavens is incredibly vague. Is this simply an additional option you have when throwing your foe in the air, for example, or can you perform this in addition to your autocrit/slam to ground. Also, you should probably state an action type (such as free action or immediate action).
6. You do realize that no matter how you twink it, soar to the heavens will never get you anywhere near as much air (around 30-40 feet) as heavenly strike (automatic 100 feet with no jump check at 10th level).
7. Why can't you use heavenly strike when throwing your opponents forward instead of directly upwards (using a long jump, although, understandably, the slam to the ground option might be taken away for such maneuvers. Instead you might be able to throw them at their allies...or into a brick wall).
8. In case you chose the scythe out of flavor without true consideration (which I doubt), you do realize the consequences of granting automatic critical hits while using a weapon with a x4 damage on critical hits, right?
9. Is for whom the bell tolls meant to work for multiple hits on a full attack? As written, if you can get off a their soul to judgement, there is a good chance that as you make your full attack, you will render your foe panicked or frightened, compelling them to get up from the prone position (and provoke another AoO) and try to run away on their next turn.
10. A bit surprised that nothing lets you take 10 on jump checks, although you can't have everything.
11. One thing that you probably didn't count on is that now, angels of death can simply use party members as "springboards" to reach the tops of large castles. Simply trip your friend, launch them into the air, and take another long jump off of their face. Then again, this is more of a hilarious image than a real problem.