Wee, things to fix!

1. Yes, and no. I should really word that into there.

2. I've been debating as to whether or not I should allow them to make it automatically. If they hurl their enemy a shorter distance, they can leap to them as-is...then again, it would look cooler if they just jump a hundred feet in the air. Thoughts?

3. No. I will not add insult and rogue-cheese to injury.

4. The wording was actually in reference to the event that the victim's motion is halted by another living being, though I should re-word it. Suggestions?

5. Soar to the Heavens is an additional option that comprises a full-round action. Thank you for informing me ^_^

6. The problem with your theory is, Heavenly Strike has you fall back down.

7. Part of it is because I want the class to focus on vertical combat. The other part of it is because leaping forward really, really fast just doesn't seem as possible as leaping up and catching up to a falling foe. Know what I mean?

8. I fully realize what the auto-crits mean. Luckily, the only one that truly auto-crits is Heavenly Strike - Their Souls to Judgement just threatens them. And if that causes the broken-ass CoDZilla the character is fighting to bite the dust, more power to him.

9. Yes, For Whom the Bell Tolls becomes a normal part of all melee attacks with a scythe. Fear effects aren't as powerful as one would think by the time one gets it, though.

10. No, no you can't have everything ^_^

11. ....That is hilarious and I must see it done.