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Thread: The Reason for Imbalance in D20

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vortling View Post
    I've actually seen this before. I assume some people are going to get mad about it.
    Sure, it's going to be old news to some people. I knew that D20 was imbalanced, but always assumed it was a flaw, not a design feature. Nothing to get angry about, it may even be an after the fact excuse, but still an interesting mentality (and potentially visible even in the newer supplements).

    Quote Originally Posted by Rutee View Post
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    I'm just curious who couldn't figure it out on /some/ level. I don't think they meant for entire classes to suck, but..
    Heh, heh, Dragonforce. For my part, I just never put two and two together, being always too busy seeking to address 'flaws', rather than think about why they were there.
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