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Thread: The Reason for Imbalance in D20

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oslecamo View Post
    Oh noes !

    WOTC wants the players to learn how to thinck for themselves!

    They wanted us to develop our minds! How dare they to do this? All games should be made in such a way you could pick your character abilities at random and do whatever crosses your mind during the game and don't be crippled at all!

    Sheesssh, rewarding the players who use their brains, how much more evil can they be?

    (Had readed that ages ago. And I totally suport it)
    Hey, great idea. Why not sell products under false advertising and flawed to boot. I'm sorry, this car is clearly meant to explode at random times. You're supposed to learn engine mechanics and then spend your money to fix it.

    @^I'm more bugged because they did it on purpose and don't really tell people this.
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