I had to mull this one over for a bit before I felt qualified to respond.

Outside of a few glitches in the text (referring to the crystal blade as a mind blade in a few instances), this class seems to be erring a little on the powerful side, but over all, actually pretty good. I like your recovery mechanics, but the few things I'm sketchy on:

1) The discipline crystal. This really is a big thing, being able to constantly trade out whole disciplines and all of your maneuvers known with little inconvenience. I understand what you're trying to blend together here, but unfortunately this is where you get too strong. My suggestion would be to simply remove that aspect of the discipline crystal. And then instead of maxing out at 4 disciplines at 20th level, increase the discipline progression to 5 disciplines at 20 and allow them to change out maneuvers known in those selected disciplines 1/day when they meditate to regain power points.

2) I'd consider reducing the power point progression as well, but that's just because it seems like a lot. I'd reduce to something more like Psychic Warrior's power point levels.

Otherwise I was finding myself really enjoying this. Basically more like what Soulknife should have been. Good work.