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    Default Re: Battle Psychic-Base Class (ToB/Psionics) PEACH

    Grrr...I thought I had caught all those little bits .

    1) Yeah, I was afraid of that. At level 20, a battle psychic has almost twice as many maneuvers known as a swordsage (48 vs. 25), and can pretty much change them daily. You say that instead of knowing changeable disciplines with set maneuver lists, they should have a set (and expanding) number of disciplines while having changeable maneuvers. I like your suggestion, and will consider it while I work out a better system.

    2) I was also worried about the psion power point progression, but I remembered that other martial adepts can recover whenever they like, and that battle psychics are limited by their reservoir of PP. Even their ability to recover their focused discipline with their psionic focus means that they need at least one power point left. Then again, recovering a maneuver higher than first level is cheaper than manifesting a power, so that might permit a reduction...I don't know, I'll leave it as is for now.
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